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CEO Talk: Inclusion & Diversity as a Leadership Priority. A Conversation with Gene Lee and Clarence Otis
MFHA turns 25 years young on September 17, 2021. As part of our year-long celebration, we are inviting key leaders to be interviewed about the impact MFHA has had on the industry. Clarence Otis and Gene Lee will tell the story of the Darden and MFHA partnership.

Rarely in corporate America do you see such a smooth transition on key business issues when there is a change in the Chief Executive Officer. Darden has bucked that trend and maintained its leadership position on Inclusion & Diversity during the tenure of three different CEOs. This engaging discussion will offer attendees insights as to how Darden was able to maintain its DEI commitments through the 2008 recession and more recently the pandemic. These two dynamic leaders will share learnings and few laughs over the experiences they shared while working together and they will also tell attendees why they are hopeful for the future.
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